When to treat low testosterone

The information on this site is provided by physicians experienced in the treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases with low dose antibiotics according to the protocol developed by the late Dr. Thomas McPherson Brown, . and by many of the multiple thousands of patients who have benefited from this treatment. The website includes all the information necessary to administer this therapy. Physicians should not attempt antibiotic therapy until they have read the protocol completely as this therapy is unlike any other they may be currently using. There are many components to these diseases and their treatment and antibiotic therapy must be tailored to the individual. Treatment periods are usually long and medication and dosage adjustments may be required.

Usually I would drop to 10,000 – 30,000 platelets per mcL at the end of the chemo week and a week later my body on it’s own or with a transfusion would bring them up to about 60,000 per mcL. After the papaya extract, it would bring them to about 100,000 – 160,000 per mcL. I did find if you’re on a chemo that attacks platelets very badly, don’t take it the week after chemo. It will go even lower sometimes. Take it after your counts have dropped to about as much as they are going to. I don’t know about fresh papaya, we were only able to get hold of pre-made extract. But it seems to work as well as the reports I’ve heard about the fresh leaf extract.

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When to treat low testosterone

when to treat low testosterone


when to treat low testosteronewhen to treat low testosteronewhen to treat low testosteronewhen to treat low testosteronewhen to treat low testosterone