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The most exciting use of the manual has been in Iran , following the earthquake in Bam, Iran in 2003. The Iranian Director of Mental Health, Dr Yasamy, had asked for help after an earlier, less devastating earthquake, and through UNICEF had arranged for training in the manual through colleagues from the Center for Crisis Psychology. When the Bam earthquake happened, they trained a further 400 psychologists and psychiatrists, and 1,380 teachers to use the manual and a variant of it with over 42,500 survivors in the first 7 months after the earthquake. They measured distress before and after the intervention and found that around 85% of survivors greatly benefited. This is currently being written up for publication but must rank as one of the largest mental health interventions in history, and the manual was at the centre of it.

Aya Cash turns in a masterful performance as the titular Mary, an alcoholic who spends a lot of her time running away from demons. Just when a DUI arrest makes Mary reevaluate her position as a substance abuse counselor, she receives a call from her estranged father who would like her to visit him. Reluctantly, Mary goes home to visit the man whose own alcoholism ruined his relationship with Mary’s now-deceased mother. Learning her father is dying and that she has a half-sister—neither of whom knew the other existed—Mary must reconcile with the past in order to have a future. Charmingly funny and at times heartbreaking, MARY GOES ROUND is a can’t-take-your-eyes-off-it film with splendid performances and terrific direction from Molly McGlynn, who mined her own experiences for the film. MARY GOES ROUND is a graceful look at a woman who can sneak bottles into her purse while learning to deal with the baggage she carries. —.

If my testosterone is low, will I have to take the Testosterone Replacement Therapy forever? Medical studies conclude that it is safe and effective to stay on a TRT program for 20+ years. As long as a patient is monitored every 6-12 months and remains in a normal human testosterone range, there is no need to ‘cycle’ off of testosterone replacement. Should you decide to stop the program, your body will go back to producing those levels it produced prior to therapy (less the natural 1 to 3% testosterone degradation for each of those years and for each year to follow).

Trt treatment

trt treatment


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