Testasterone booster

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i am eating onion everyday since one week. it makes me horney and i control ejaculation better. i go to gym twice a week and i am doing progressive overload plus once a week sprint 8 workout. everything is better after eating onion. i want to add one thing that can be usefull. that is i have added “kıbrıs pastırması” means a kind of traditional mixing mince with some herb and spice which has 50 percent animal fat. i thing there is synergy with onion and fat to produce more testosterone. since collesterol is the main thing to make testosteron, onion makes it turn to more testosteron.

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Like with any supplements it is important to select the best quality product possible. Something with the right ingredients, produced to high standards and a proven track record of achieving results. There are lots of test boosters on the market so it can be hard to decide on which one to pick, trust me I have been through them all. Over YEARS of experimenting with different brands, ingredients and formulas I can safely say that TestoGen has been my favourite testosterone booster . Why? Because it is the only brand that I have found to consistently deliver noticeable results again and again with not only myself but all of my clients. No hype, just results .

Testasterone booster

testasterone booster


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