Sex hormones in males

If there are increased joint symptoms associated with menstrual irregularities in a patient not taking a contraceptive pill, it may also be worth trying an oestrogen-only preparation for a trial period in the first instance to see if this improves things.  If it does, the choice of whether any slight risk in using such a preparation is worth taking for the significant improvement in the joints might ultimately be a decision for the patient though should be taken in conjunction with the General Practitioner, if necessary with expert gynaecological advice.

Erythropoietin (EPO): A 165 amino acid glycoprotein hormone (glycoproteins consist of several sugar molecules linked with a protein molecule). EPO stimulates erythrocyte (red blood cell) production in the bone marrow, boosting the blood's ability to carry oxygen. Studies have shown that significant amounts of EPO resist digestion and survive to reach receptors in the intestinal tract. One raw milk-drinking athlete was wrongly accused of blood-doping, so there's at least anecdotal evidence of EPO's activity in our systems!

Sex hormones in males

sex hormones in males


sex hormones in malessex hormones in malessex hormones in malessex hormones in malessex hormones in males