Problems with taking testosterone

I’m on my second round of being a caretaker of an advanced Alzheimer’s patient. My father has passed on and I am now taking care of his sister, my aunt, who is eighty six. My advice, through experience, give them food when they want it and pick your battles. It is easier to agree than to argue. If you have to tell them they need to go to bed because we have to get up for church in the morning, do it. Every day could be Sunday here. There are times where they have had extreme clarity and times they have no clue who I was. My aunt always wants to go “home”, thousands of miles from my house where she now lives. We have used the term vacation as the reason she is here many times. As well as Alzheimer’s, she is basically a walking, or should I say shuffling, miracle as MRI’s of her spine show that her back is pretty well burnt toast. She is in pain, but yet when I take her to the doctor she states she is not. I have used video to show the doctor that what I am saying about her pain is true. On video she will go from a pain level of 10 to zero in a matter of minutes, but she is in pain. The video was the only way to convince the doctor, besides demanding and MRI. We have “baby” alarms on the doors and when she figured out how to knock the batteries out of them we put on the “baby” door knob covers – these have worked. We take the knobs off the stove at night to keep her from blowing us up as well, and the sliding glass door has a pair of vice grips along the track at the top to keep her in. Double keyed dead bolts where a key is needed to open from the inside and out will also keep a loved one indoors during the night. My opinion, and my opinion only, is that it is my job to take care of her, I refuse to fight and try to find humor in the repetition or demands – it is pretty easy to redirect someone in her condition to change the subject, and it often works. The fact is… she is dying a slow death and I want to make her as comfortable as possible. If the house is Auntie proofed, she can’t hurt herself or get out in the middle of the night and I can get my sleep too. I would much rather have her here with me than in a home. Most homes I have visited I wouldn’t let my dog live in. God bless you all for all you do, you are earning you wings. Good luck.

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The myriad of problems not withstanding, with the management taking the lead in discipline itself and taking the bull by the horn by adopting and applying new effective management skills, strategies and methods, other than whatever method it is now using, the corporation optimistically would regain public confidence. Management if it reasons again, and it goes back to set its priorities right adopt some progressive management techniques, including the practice of management by objectives (MBO), It will achieve much using management by objectives.
“If it want to achieve excellent performance, it is logical that it should become increasingly aware or concerned with the issue of what they could be realized. This is more so in view of the fact that by now has become clear that annual government financial-outlay on the corporation is limited. If it were to generate the bulk of its funds through advertisement, the extent of patronage it receives is bound to be dependent on the kind of services it provides to the public
    Seminars and trainings have to be organized for staff to enable them understand the concept of MBO, both staff and management would chart a new course of path.
    An effective means of controlling and monitoring deviations from the new path would be devised for prompt identification and effective correction.
    Management would then know the need to provide staff with working materials and then motivate staff adequately by giving them incentives and training them for optimum performance.
    With adequate motivation, participative management, performance monitoring and supportive followship, other internal problems of the organization would go underground and the corporation would prosper.
    The achievement of workers optimum performance rests with the management.

Problems with taking testosterone

problems with taking testosterone


problems with taking testosteroneproblems with taking testosteroneproblems with taking testosteroneproblems with taking testosteroneproblems with taking testosterone