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Monitoring the 24-hour pattern of natural light and dark, the Rooster Booster timer adjusts it self so that it only comes on when it is dark in a 15-hour period, thus maximising time between battery charges and ensuring that the hens enjoy the benefits of natural daylight. At the end of the day, after a short dimming time, a night period of 9-hours begins; no artificial light is provided during this time allowing the hens to roost. Alternatively a NATURAL DUSK option can be selected to provide light only in the morning allowing the hens a natural dusk.

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Hi ?. I become a bit sad to read that mucuna beans are not edible as usual beans. One of my friend sent me a kilo of mucuna seeds which i had a plan to plant in my small was told my fried that MUCUNA works better in improving soil fertility. After googling , i found the grain is so reach in various benefits yet is said to be toxic to human consumptions as normal beans !.I ‘m very interested to grow in a large scale ,since it seems simple to grow it !.Apart from improving my land, i wanted it to make it as source of income .
Now from you , i wanted to know the following :
1. Where to get the market if i produce a large quantity .
2. How to process the grain in family scale to maximize the crop utility ?.

Natural booster for testosterone

natural booster for testosterone


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