Men with testosterone

Twenty-one men with erectile complaints who were found to have a low level of serum testosterone without a reciprocal elevation of the serum levels of luteinizing hormone were evaluated to identify whether the defect was of hypothalamic or of pituitary origin. Patients underwent a luteinizing hormone (LH)-follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)-releasing hormone stimulation test that showed a normal but sluggish increase in LH and FSH levels, thus ruling out a pituitary defect and suggesting a suprapituitary abnormality. This was confirmed when, in response to clomiphene, patients had a normal increase in gonadotropin and testosterone levels. Although the basal as well as clomiphene and gonadotropin releasing hormone-stimulated levels of total testosterone and gonadotropins were identical in men less than and more than fifty years old, the elevation of free testosterone levels in response to clomiphene was higher in patients younger than fifty.

That’s always a good thing when you have lots of T, since you’re attracting women left and right.

  • Beard – Women are often turned off by the presence of body hair. But they do find facial hair attractive and manly. That’s why men who’ve grown beards seem to suddenly begin attracting more women than before. If you haven’t put this theory to test – do so now. You can thank me later. But if you’re one of those guys who struggles to grow a full beard, testosterone could be answer.
  • There’s something about a beard that speaks to women on a deeper, subconscious level. Opposites do attract. It’s the same reason why men prefer women without facial hair.

    One thing I have thought, and I’m not sure anyone else has, is… does less testosterone in the blood actually mean that our body is producing less, or that more of it is in the cells. A very high protein diet has been proven to positively impact body composition, even during overfeeding, and personally I have noticed it makes me feel better. Could it be that the high amount of protein causes the cells to increase their uptake of testosterone to drive the protein into the muscles increasing muscle mass and thus leaves less in the blood. Just a thought

    Men with testosterone

    men with testosterone


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