Men testosterone

Universal Men’s Clinic has successfully helped men suffering from erectile dysfunction regain the physical intimacy in their relationship. Included are those that have not had function for years or are taking other medications. UMC medical providers customize treatment for individual patients by working to find the right medication at the right dosage. The one-pill-fits-all medicine for erectile dysfunction treatment does not work for every man. Some sexual function can be more effectively treated with a topical cream or periodic injections.

Additional information can be gained from measuring dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and estrogen; two substances to which testosterone can be metabolized. These can affect the amount of testosterone available and can cause unwanted side effects, such as breast enlargement, hair loss and prostate enlargement. A baseline PSA must be obtained to screen for preexisting prostate disease. Monitoring growth hormone, thyroid hormone, leutinizing hormone (LH), DHEA, lipid profile and blood count are also clinically prudent in a comprehensive hormone optimization program.

Men testosterone

men testosterone


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