Low t and hair loss

I’ve since cut down on the amount of nettle tea I drink to about 4 cups as I’ve added other herbs in tea form to help with other illness I have. Drinking herbs in tea form is much better than taking those herbs in capsule form. The key is to sip the tea throughout the day instead of just drinking it down quickly. You can drink it hot or cold. I’ve reciently added more herbs as a final hair rinse listed in the Maria Treben books under hair-loss and hair-growth. Maria Treben was an herbalist who wrote 3 books. I got my books from Amazon. I’m still using the hand massager on my scalp but it’s too early to tell if that is also helping.

Hello Rob, With an office LLL hood at 650 nm, mwatt, and 160 diode exposing the scalp for 45 minute session twice a week, could this potentially damage the hair follicles permanently? I am female, did these treatments for six months and lost a lot of hair during treatments and afterward….I’ve lost about two/thirds of my hair; (before tx I just had thinning in the temporal regions). That was three years ago. The loss has somewhat stabilized, but has not grown back. Any thoughts or suggestions? Also, all blood work and hormone levels normal. I do take Finasteride, not sure if I really need to. Thank you!

Low t and hair loss

low t and hair loss


low t and hair losslow t and hair losslow t and hair losslow t and hair losslow t and hair loss