Hcg shots for men

Several men would question the fact how HCG can help them loose fats. Well in that case, HCG irrespective of males or females has the tendency to control body metabolism. Its secretion during pregnancy triggers hypothalamus to raise body metabolism and release fats from the body. Dr, simeons, founder of HCG weight loss protocol states that when an individual either male or female are injected with HCG in small doses, get their metabolism raised that in turn leads to loss of fats. So this has nothing to be with being male or female, HCG can do the same for either of them.

Yes, checking a calculated free T is MOST important. I can’t say that I would every use a regimen such as you have described. Using hCG is just NOT an efficient way to positively affect T levels. Also, yes, hCG can suppress the hypothalamic/pituitary/gonadal axis, so LH levels would fall. However, hCG is and LH analog, so it essentially takes it’s place. This is how it circumvents the issue of suppression of fertility. Ultimately, I have not seen DHEA or hCG achieve what is desired by most people with testosterone deficiency symptoms.

Hcg shots for men

hcg shots for men


hcg shots for menhcg shots for menhcg shots for menhcg shots for menhcg shots for men