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Usually, the tug-of-war doesn't amount to much. Most doctor visits turn out to be a big nothing: a bump that isn't; a pain that fades; a rash that will go away. But once in a while, and especially as people descend the hill from middle age, that routine visit finds its way to a miserable, frightening place. Bad news is disclosed; plans must be made. And that's when antioxidants do their real harm. The arguing through the years regarding pomegranate juice and vitamin E and whether to buy a juicer has slowly corroded the mutual confidence that underlies the doctor-patient relationship. And this is a damage that has no quick remedy, real or imagined.

Paul previously worked for twelve years at Amgen Ltd, most recently as Director of Intelligence and Inspections, and Regional Head of Clinical Auditing. In former years, Paul worked in a GCP auditing capacity with the Wellcome Foundation and with Glaxo. From the beginning, he led the facilitation of many regulatory inspections, both in-house and in the field in Europe, USA and Africa. He also has several years’ previous experience in QA of manufacturing with Serono Diagnostics. His first healthcare role was in 1979 with Amersham International.

Equipoise any good

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