Decanoate solubility

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Each surfactant is characterised by a Cc value. A very hydrophilic surfactant such as SLS has Cc = - and a hydrophobic surfactant such as AOT has Cc = . But what is Cc? The name was originally Characteristic Curvature which seemed a good idea at the time. There are some thermodynamic reasons why the name might be thought appropriate. But the truth is that the name really has no helpful meaning. Let's just call it Cc (perhaps imagine it meaning Characteristic) because that's what is generally used in the literature. More important than the name are the values. Heroic research over a number of years has produced a set of values for some common surfactants. Not all the values are perfectly accurate (partly because "the same" surfactant from one supplier can often be different from "the same" surfactant from another supplier), but they are generally a good starting point. Below is a list of values assembled with "best endeavours" - feel free to suggest better values or to add new ones to the list. Cc of blends If your surfactant isn't quite what you want (or to put it another way, if you want to tune your system by varying the surfactant) a most convenient fact is that the Cc of a mixture of surfactants is the mole weighted average of the Ccs of the surfactants. Because it is the mole-weighted average the MWt of each surfactant needs to be known. You get more "bang for your %Cc" with a small MWt surfactant. The calculator at the top of the page does the hard work for you.

Decanoate solubility

decanoate solubility


decanoate solubilitydecanoate solubilitydecanoate solubilitydecanoate solubilitydecanoate solubility