Can low testosterone make you tired

I’m 25 and I haven’t had my menstrual cycle in about 4 months. So I went to my doctor yesterday who did some labs and the only abnormality was my testosterone level which was low at a 28. I had no idea. I’ve been experiencing extreme fatigue, difficulty with weight loss, depression and no libido. Knock on wood I don’t also get the hair loss.
My doctor didn’t really say anything about it other then giving me a pill to try for 7 days to see if I get my menstrual cycle.
Should I be worried? What should I do?
Someone mentioned protein, does that help?

Men joke about who’s the toughest and who has the most testosterone, but being deficient in this critical male hormone is nothing to poke fun at. It’s a serious health concern that negatively affects a man’s life in many ways. Research studies have found that men with low testosterone, or “low-T,” have a higher risk of serious illnesses such as diabetes, osteoporosis , and cardiovascular problems. Plus, low-T can cause frustrating changes in a man’s life and his personal appearance, as well as make him feel “off his game” at work and more of a “couch potato” at home.

The most troublesome potential risk of raising testosterone levels, and this relates primarily to medical replacement therapy, is that a silent prostate cancer may be “fed and unmasked” by supplying outside testosterone. Other risks include worsening of cholesterol, increased red blood cell counts and enlargement of the prostate. The connection between prostate issues and testosterone replacement therapy is not overly clear, and different research studies often yield conflicting results. Again, it is important to weight risks versus benefits when deciding on testosterone replacement therapy.

Can low testosterone make you tired

can low testosterone make you tired


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