Best natural testosterone

Proprietary Testosterone Support Complex, g: Yes, we’re back to proprietary blends, which is a shame. This blend includes TESTOFEN® Fenugreek extract, standardised branded fenugreek. It also includes PharmaFreak’s trademarked fenugreek extract, TRIGOTEST™, which is standardised for different saponins. Tribulus extract completes the blend, which doesn’t do much for testosterone but is a good sex and physical performance enhancer. Read our comments above about fenugreek, but in summary, we view fenugreek more as a libido enhancer, maybe with the ability to maintain testosterone.

You know, that is really not true. I have a blog about diabetes and the 86 million people in the US who are at present pre-diabetic which is very sad. In less than 3 years, it is possible that all 86 million of those people will be type 2 diabetic. I would go to any length which includes suggesting supplements that I have used to help deplete my need for any “prescription by big pharma”; they do nothing but prolong the diabetes because it can be cured with proper diet, exercise, and rest. All of these things can be enhanced ten fold by using supplements that I have suggested. These suggestions do not come from a flip of the switch either. Thanks for listening. I understand your theory but not all of us are “big pharma salaried”.

Best natural testosterone

best natural testosterone


best natural testosteronebest natural testosteronebest natural testosteronebest natural testosteronebest natural testosterone