Androgen booster

Bought some a few weeks ago and I really like this powder. It does actually taste pretty good which is rare herbs from this company since they sell things as is.
I typically put a teaspoon in my morning oatmeal and it adds an odd sweetness that mixes well with the cinnamon, raisins, and chia seeds I use.
Benefits have been this stuff really makes you feel full and I am eating a whole lot less. I have dropped four pounds in a few weeks without adding any extra exercise or special dieting.
As far as sexual function, everything works already but I have noticed it works faster and stronger!

Hey ben, us army airborne soldier here, I used to be in fantastic shape, however I let myself go and got rather fat. trying to cut weight and recomp my body , ( going for abs, vascular, overall good shape, and big as well.) Im doing a cycle of cardarine 20mg, ostarine 15mg, and rad 140 15 mg. alongside the atkins keto diet. I know it isnt reputable but It worked in the past so Im pushing through it. I was wondering if That scale of a body recomp could be achieved in a two month period? also, Im looking for exercises that would be important to this kind of cut/recomp.

Androgen booster

androgen booster


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